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Reaching out to a vulnerable single expectant mother who is filled with anguish and is thinking of things like committing suicide, abortion, dumping the child after birth, engaging in prostitution while still pregnant, dropping out of school, running away from home, succumbing to domestic violence for lack of a better option among others will more than give any human being the satisfaction of fulfilling one’s purpose in life, and that is of; saving a life. Some of the program benefits that MAM will embark on immediately after complete set up will vary according to emergency of health crises and also follow chronologically in different groups as shown below;

Addressing single expectant mothers issues in general;

  • Educating single expectant mothers about their rights
  • Setting up battered/ abused expectant mothers assistance centers
  • Offering group therapy for sexually abused expectant mothers
  • Providing counseling hotlines for telephone based counseling services for traumatized single expectant mothers
  • Offering legal assistance to single expectant mothers
  • Introducing literacy drives

Addressing community health promotion and education;

  • Promote contraception and sex education amongst high school students and the youth
  • Advocate for more attention towards the health of vulnerable single expectant mothers, babies and children
  • Offer youth counseling services for single expectant mothers
  • Fundraise for bursaries for school drop outs (those who left school prematurely as a result of un planned pregnancies and still want to study but are constrained by dividing finances between child care, maintenance and their own education)
  • Carryout research, document and promote the effects of the work done

Handling emerging health crises;

  • Offering MAMA Kits and mosquito nets for the single expectant mothers as a preventive measure to the first dangers that any mother can be faced with like malaria and premature labour
  • Offering HIV/ AIDS education and support by liaising with concerned agencies
  • Offering first aid for drug addiction and following up to ensure full recovery

Offering economic programs

  • Offering free skills training for the single expectant mothers e.g catering, clothing and textile and agricultural education
  • Introducing Micro Enterprises and offering Micro loans to the single expectant mothers to enable them start somewhere and also save some money for the continuity of the program
  • Cooperative creations for single expectant mothers to support their children and families as well
  • Offer career services like job search assistance for the school dropouts, the domestically abused expectant stay home mothers and also stimulate their minds towards job creation by exploring their potential skills.

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