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Principles of Women Empowerment
Mission for African Mothers. Principles of Women Empowerment


Principle 1: Establish high-level corporate leadership for gender equality:

Free Medical Insurance for Infants
Mission for African Mothers. Free Medical Insurance for Infants

Mission for African mothers with support from Jewish Helping Hand and Women of inter church council of Canada provided   One year medical insurance to her single mothers. These are mothers, women who are faced with a life turmoil over pregnancy and are not able to provide medication to their newly born babies. With intervention needed to save these women and children, MAM was able to support her mothers to live a healthy life.

Who is impregnating our teenage daughters?
Mission for African Mothers. Who is impregnating our teenage daughters?
Statistics from the Population Secretariat and United Nation Fund for Population Activities-Uganda, show a 24 per cent increase in teen pregnancies, 12 per cent of these ending in unsafe abortions. Research also shows an increase in sexual activity among the youth, but the teenage boys are not the ones responsible for the teen pregnancies. Who then is? find out. Counselors recommend that sex education should be taught to children from Primary Seven to Senior Six. This implies that 13 y...
The economic empowerment of women
Mission for African Mothers. The economic empowerment of women
Secure access by women to productive resources such as land, water and financial capital has a ripple effect.  When women build assets and achieve better economic status, they develop higher self esteem, are more visible in their communities, more mobile, and their children are better fed. Wider impacts can include greater respect for women�s rights, better ability of women to negotiate sexual relations and a consequent reduction in HIV infection, and positive changes in gender ro...
Gender Equity Issues in Uganda
Mission for African Mothers. Gender Equity Issues in Uganda
Women of Uganda face a wide range of challenges including discrimination, low social status, lack of economic self sufficiency, and greater risk of HIV/AIDS infection. In Uganda, as in many African countries, gender discrimination means that women must submit to an overall lower social status than men. For many women, this reduces their power to act independently, become educated, avoid poverty, and/or escape reliance upon abusive men.
Many girls and young women become coerced into sex o...
Women and child rights
Mission for African Mothers. Women and child rights

CSO'S demand amendment of Children's Act

THE coalitions of Civil Society Organisations (CSO) want the Children Act 2015 to be amended to promote adoption within Uganda. This, they say, will reduce the rampant child trafficking in the country.
The object of the Bill is to amend the Children Act.59 to enhance the protection of children, provide for guardianship of children; improve inter-country adoption; prohibit corporal punishment and othe...

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