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Mission for African Mothers Is a non profit organisation that was integrated in 2012.


The concept was to form a Charity Organization to help single expectant and single mothers as a vulnerable group in society, borne earlier in 2008 by a concerned mother Mrs. Maria M. M – Otaremwa.

MAM aims at empowering single expectant mothers and their children in order to liberate them in areas that are most vital to them which are; Healthcare, Psychosocial support, Legal assistance and Economic growth as a means of saving them from emotional breakdown, maternal and infant mortality and self pity and as a result curbing on maternal and infant mortality rates, abandoned children, domestic suicides that consist of child homicides as a result of arson, starvation and poisoning, abortions, child torment; rampant spread of STDs, rise in children born with disabilities, extensive prostitution, rise in school dropouts among others; that consequence from the vulnerability and marginalization of being a single mother.


To achieve MAM's mission and vision our operations and staff are guided by a set of objectives designed to promote vertical and horizontal accountability and responsibility, with the purposes of acting in the overall interests of our members and the Community. MAM's objectives are:

  • Improving the reproductive health of single expectant mothers.
  • Promoting public awareness of the need to protect single expectant and single mothers.
  • Formulating or assisting in formulation of policies that promote the management of matters related to single mothers’ rights.
  • Advocating for provision of free reproductive health services to single expectant mothers.
  • Promoting positive aspects of cultural and traditional practices that encourage human and social responsibility of the community towards single expectant mothers.
  • Provide advise in planning and financial management services to or in connection with projects, programs and other relevant activities aimed at economically empowering the single mothers.
  • Promoting single mothers’ economic gains through socially enterprising projects.
Vision / Mission

MAM’s vision is to improve and promote maternal healthcare and welfare of single expectant mothers and their children for future development and evolution of humanity.


MAM’s mission is to ensure that every single mother overcomes stigma, poverty and the stereotyped pessimism in order to raise a future generation that is empowered emotionally, physically and financially.

MAM campaigns to achieve a future generation regardless of tribe, race, nationality, gender or religion that is free from the effects of being raised by a single mother in the face of self-pity, psychosomatic torture, poverty and pessimism.

Our Work Approach

MAM employs both the needs and rights based approaches when offering these mothers because of their vulnerability which often posses significant risks to both the mother and unborn child. SEM’s also have some urgent needs of which failure to provide may result into tragedy and human rights abuse.

MAMs approach therefore focuses on both inputs and processes to achieve required outcomes; we emphasize meeting needs as well as realizing rights of vulnerable single mothers living in abject poverty. We recognize needs as valid claims and individual rights as claims toward legal and moral duty-bearers. Our interventions target both immediate causes of problems as well as structural causes and their manifestations.

MAM has a high level of commitment to its members, demonstrated by the personal attention and methods of approach that are tailor-made to suit their needs and situations.

  • We are participatory (work with involvement of our members and the community at large).
  • For all the activities we undertake and members we serve, we ensure strict confidentiality.
  • We study, analyse and make practical recommendations to solve our members’ problems.
  • We maintain a close relationship with all our members, and advise them on any opportunities or trends affecting them.
  • We insist on delivering life transforming support that adds value to the life of both the mothers and their children.
The founder

Maria Makuba M-Otaremwa The idea of Mission for African Mothers (MAM) was born in June 2012. The concept was to form a Charity Organization to help single expectant mothers as a vulnerable group in society, borne earlier in 2008 by a concerned mother Maria Makuba. M – Otaremwa. Maria is a lawyer with experience in legal work, research and advocacy on issues pertaining to people’s rights. She has a Bachelors of Laws from Makerere University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Health Leadership at Uganda Christian University under the organization Save the Mothers. She has experience in conducting research on access to information laws in Uganda, advocacy and has worked with community leaders, various officers and extension workers in different fields to implement research related to the environment, domestic violence, succession, women's rights and Child rights among others.

coordinator@missionforafricanmothers.org BEHR MUK, Human Rights Professional, Farmer

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